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Dr. Ananth Vaidyanathan is the owner and CEO of Touch of Class and in authority of three in-house brands, including V Lounge & Deck, Memories to Cherish, and Jasmine Lawns.
Are you planning to start a restaurant business? Well, go ahead! However, you must know that starting a restaurant business is no cakewalk! You would need to go through brainstorming sessions on choosing the right location, designing it, selecting the cuisine, preparing the Menu, hiring the right employees and marketing the restaurant just right. Alongside this, you must also delegate a considerable amount of time in getting the various licenses and completion of several formalities with various Govt departments, before you can open a restaurant in India. You do not wish to entangle yourself into legal short comings and avoidable problems, after putting in your sweat and blood in opening your restaurant.
You need to put yourself in the hands of a trusted and well established expert in the field. We at Touch of Class, specialise in taking care of all the requirements, thus making our Clients journey very easy and comfortable. We are a one stop solution for entire restaurant licensing on a Pan India basis.